What We Treat

We aim to treat the cause as opposed to the symptom. We are one of a few clinics in the city that specialize in working with the myofascial system in the body. The myofascial system is emerging as a grossly overlooked source of pain, capable of exerting forces of up to 2000lbs per square inch on pain sensitive structures. We provide hands on soft tissue work to address range of motion restrictions, pain, stiffness, decreased mobility and muscle imbalances. We offer 1:1 customized therapy by experienced practitioners. Our treatment plans have a beginning and an end. Occasionally if we are not making the progress, we will tell you and refer you to a different service if it is needed. We communicate with other healthcare professionals to assist your situation such as family physician to discuss if further medical investigation is warranted. We also offer the latest therapeutic technology (laser) for inflammation and pain reduction and we are familiar with all post surgical, WCB, Disability, and motor vehicle accident protocols.



If you are experiencing pain due to arthritis we will work to decrease your inflammation and improve your range of motion and strength. Your treatment plan will incorporate gentle soft tissue work and mobility exercises and may also include use... Read More

Car Accident Injuries

We are an approved provider for clients that have been in a car accident and sustained an injury. Whether you suffered a whiplash, concussion or sustained additional injuries, we are a good choice for your rehabilitation. We understand the... Read More

Overuse Injury

These injuries are very common and include conditions such as shoulder impingement pain, elbow tendonitis, Achilles pain, plantar fasciitis, hip bursitis and knee pain. These symptoms typically flare up when an additional or new load stresses the... Read More

Pre-surgical /post-surgical clients

Our physiotherapist has worked directly with orthopedic surgeons and understands your pre and post-surgical needs very well.  If you are pre-surgical we will work with you to help you maintain your range of motion and manage your... Read More

Sports Injury

We treat athletes of all ages and levels from the timbit to the Olympian, weekend warrior to the marathoner, we have the experience and skills to get you back out there doing what you love.


Your treatment plan may include a... Read More

Work Injury

We are a WCB approved provider and our clinicians have delivered services to WCB for over seventy years of combined clinical experience. We understand the process and can smoothly guide you through it.


Whether you had a... Read More